How to Keep Cabinets Clean

Are you wondering how to keep kitchen cabinets clean or how to clean the painted cabinets you have in other rooms? You need to take a lot of care when cleaning cabinets. They can be delicate, and can get damaged when you clean them, especially if you don’t take the right steps and use the best way to clean kitchen cabinets instead of just attacking them with cleaning products without thought.

Whether you are keeping bathroom cabinets clean or kitchen cabinets, it is important to get a method that works for you. The kitchen and bathroom can be areas where the cabinets have to deal with a lot of spills and some stubborn materials such as food, hot steamy water and even grease. You need to know how to keep cabinets clean, which is exactly what is explained below.

Materials to Clean Kitchen Cabinets 

There are a number of different cleaning products out there. As a general rule, the less abrasive and the less chemical ingredients used, the less chances of any damage or paintwork being scratched.

You can use detergent such as dish washing detergent or even the type you use for your laundry to clean the cabinets, just make sure you don’t make them too wet. Mix detergent with water in a cleaning bucket and apply the water with a cloth. You should wipe it down after you have applied it with a different, dry cloth, and not leave water to soak.

Vinegar can work, too! It’s great for sticky handprints so if your kids have been touching the cabinets or if you have been cooking and got something on the cabinets, vinegar and water is fine.

You can buy all purpose cleaners, but go for one which is not abrasive so you don’t damage anything. Kitchen cleaners are sold as generic cleaning solutions and these can be fine for washing the cabinets down.

You can use baking soda turned into a paste if you have some really bad marks and stains on the cabinets. However, be careful you don’t damage the color. Make sure you don’t use baking soda if you are cleaning metal cabinets.

Sometimes, just using water is sufficient. The cabinets may not need to be disinfected or anything. If you’ve spilled a little flour on them or they have got a bit greasy, a wet cloth might do the job. As we’ve mentioned, just ensure the water doesn’t stay on the cabinets if they are made out of wood, as this can soak in and damage them.

The Method

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets may have been painted with latex paint or they may have used oil-based paint. Oil paint is more durable so it should be ok if you scrub it with any kind of cleaner. It’s always good to use a bit of caution but it is way more important if you are scrubbing a latex-painted cabinet. Latex paint is very easy to scratch off. Even using warm water can be enough to take the paintwork off if you scrub too hard.

Baking soda can be one way that the paintwork gets damaged, so it is important to be extra careful if scrubbing this into the surfaces. Try to be gentle and don’t apply more force than is needed. Start off by scrubbing gently in the hope this cleans sufficiently. If you scratch the surface, you may need cabinet refinishing to redo the paintwork.

Remember that once you’ve washed, wipe down with a dry cloth!

Modern Liquids vs Old Fashioned Methods 

You get people who come from different schools of thought when it comes to cleaning. Some people love to do it the way their mom taught them, even if this was a method she’d learned from her mom 80 years ago! There are more modern products available which can disinfect and clean the surfaces. The kitchen is a place where bacteria can build up if you don’t take care, so the thoroughness some of the modern cleaning products allow are hugely beneficial to this.

Old fashioned methods may be suitable for a lot of the small spills and when things need wiping down. If you want to keep it ultra clean, make sure you regularly use disinfectant products.

The Difference Between Cabinet Refacing, Refinishing and Repairing

If it’s time for a change in your kitchen, the cabinets could be due for some maintenance. A lot of people instantly think that once a cabinet is either worn or just outdated in terms of design, it is time to rip them out and start again. The truth is that there are a number of different options out there, and replacing cabinets is not the only choice you have. There are multiple ways you can give a fresh look to your kitchen and spruce up those worn cabinets.

Methods such as cabinet repairing, cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing can all save you money on replacements, too. This is one of the many benefits of not having to totally replace. So what is the difference between refacing, refinishing and repairing? There are a lot of differences and you will need to match up your own circumstances and the state of your cabinets with the correct of these services. Which is best for you?

The Difference Between Cabinet Refacing, Refinishing and Repairing

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Refacing is sometimes called “resurfacing”. It is when the cabinet’s framework is kept in place but materials get a new surface. For instance, the actual frame of the cabinet stays the same but you can put new laminate doors or front on the cabinets.

Pretty much every visible aspect of a set of cabinets can be replaced and refaced so this means you don’t have to worry about things not matching. All the new faces can allow for an updated look without the hassle of getting the cabinets totally changed.

So, what is cabinet refacing? Think of this as a facelift for your cabinets. Often, the outsides are the first thing to wear, and this means that you can be left with cabinets which don’t look great at all but are structurally sound internally. Refacing is the answer to this issue.

What is Cabinet Refinishing?

So if that’s what refacing is, what is cabinet refinishing? When can this be helpful?

Refinishing is different as it keeps the existing cabinets, including the exterior facing components which might be replaced if you get your cabinets refaced. Refinishing involves keeping the same wood (or other materials) but giving a new finish. This can include a different color, but often can just be a new stain or a fresh lacquer to protect the wood. This is great if you’ve invested a lot in great-looking cabinets.

The process usually involves sanding down the existing cabinets, or using chemicals to take the finish off. After this, the new finish is applied and you can have a totally new look as well as a freshly protected set of cabinets. This is often a cheaper option than the others, but works best if you have very high-quality cabinets to start with.

 Cabinet Repairing


What is Cabinet Repairing?

There is a lot that can go wrong with cabinets over the years. They see a lot of use, and depending on the materials and build quality they can become damaged. This is where repair comes in. Specialist cabinet repair services can be called in to help deal with all manner of different issues.

For example, over the years, one of the hinges on your cabinets may break, so it makes sense to get these replaced if the signs of wear start to show. Cracks can appear in the wood, or the wood can get scratched. These are quite specific repairs and require a lot of skill.

Whereas cabinet refinishing and refacing will usually be done to a whole set of cabinets and the entire design of your kitchen or bathroom, repairs may need to be done to one specific area. You might get repairs done just for one specific scratch, for instance.

As you can see, these three services are similar in that they deal with cabinets, but are different in their nature. Only you will know exactly what you are looking for and the correct services you need. If you need a new look you will be going for a refinish or a reface, but if you need specific repairs to one area then think about cabinet repair services. Only when the actual interior of the cabinets get worn down should you think about total replacement.

How to Choose the Best Refinishing Company in Las Vegas

Cabinets don’t always need to be replaced when they are starting to wear and show their age. You may well be able to give your cabinets a facelift by using cabinet refinishing in Las Vegas. This can be a great way to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom without having to worry about the cost and hassle of a full replacement.

So, how should you go about choosing a company to help with your Las Vegas cabinets? Do you need to choose between a refinishing company and a repair company? What are the important questions to ask when you are selecting the company to work with? We explore more in this post.

Are they licensed & insured?

Just like any company which visits homes to carry out services, licensing and insurance will apply. A good refinishing company should be able to show you proof of the licenses and insurances they can offer.

Licensing and insurance are good ways to protect buyers and you should make sure you only deal with reputable companies such as Majestic Cabinets. Insurances cover all eventualities and you can never be too careful.

Refinishing Company in Las Vegas


Are they cabinet specialists?

You may find a lot of handyman services or other repair services claiming they can do all the same jobs as cabinet repair companies and cabinet refinishing companies. A lot of the time, tradespeople need to be very flexible to keep their businesses going. This is fine, however, it is often best to go with a specialist.

When it comes to cabinets and all of the different services which can be carried out, from cabinet repairs to full installations, it is best to go with a professional cabinet refinishing company who know the services inside out. Being able to repair, refinish and install means that companies who specialize in cabinets have a lot more in the way of expertise.

What process and materials are to be used?

Only the best materials should be used in the process of refinishing. We understand that there is absolutely no point in doing this job and then having to get someone in to refinish all over again in six months. Or worse, having to get them replaced because there have been so many refinishes. High-quality paints and glosses should always be used.

Also, the cabinet expertise comes into play once again when talking about the process. The best installers and refinishers should be able to do the job quickly, thoroughly, with minimal mess and naturally to your satisfaction as a customer. Services like this can cause a disruption if they’re not carried out quickly and to a high standard. Processes should always take health and safety into account, but they should also be efficient.

the best Refinishing Company


Testimonials and galleries

Check if the company in question has testimonials from other customers saying they’ve done a good job of cabinet repair or refinishing. Also, they may well have a gallery such as the one you can see on Majestic Cabinets, allowing you to see the work they have previously carried out.

What warranties they can give?

Before taking on a company to enter your home and refinish the cabinets you have in your kitchen, bathroom or other space, think about the warranties they offer. Many of the best refinishing companies will have the warranty they can provide emblazoned on their website. This is a real selling point. Others may vary depending on which services you are opting for.

If you are considering a company, always make sure you check their warranty policy. It is always nice to have that extra level of protection and a good quality company which trusts its processes should be able to offer you some reassurance as a consumer.

Any extra fees?

Another area to ask about is extra fees. There should be no hidden fees whatsoever, but always be sure to check exactly what you are paying for. You can ask for an itemized bill so that you will know the cost of each aspect of the job. Parts and labor should be the main components of this bill and it should be easy to see where your money has gone.

6 Reasons You Need an Outdoor Kitchen in Las Vegas

In terms of locations for an outdoor kitchen, Las Vegas is one of the best places imaginable. The climate perfectly lends itself to cooking and grilling outdoors and there are a lot of benefits to doing so. Some you may not have even thought of before. In this post, we’re looking at six reasons for outdoor kitchens in Las Vegas.

What is an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen is pretty self-explanatory in many ways, but some people are confused about what it means. Many of us have a grill, smoker or BBQ outside, but an outdoor kitchen is different. Everything you can get indoors you can get outdoors too, you’ll just be changing your search to outdoor cabinets as opposed to indoor kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas.

An outdoor kitchen will usually have some sort of grill, may have a cooktop, and can also have other installations such as an outdoor faucet. These areas are often incorporated into seating areas so that you can entertain guests while you are cooking your food. It’s similar to a grill or BBQ, only with more in terms of cooking space, surfaces and cabinets. All the functionality you would expect from an indoor kitchen can also be installed outdoors.

Outdoor Kitchen

Saves on Utility Bills

Constantly cooling your kitchen and the rooms nearby is costly. Outdoor kitchens in Las Vegas are partially popular due to the fact that it is so hot indoors. Cooking inside can add to the temperature and mean you have to run an air conditioner all the time. Cooking outdoors can avoid this issue and in turn save on utility bills.

Some outdoor cookers may also run on fire which can cut the cost of running an electric cooker.

It keeps the smells outside

All that food and drink in our kitchens can quickly build up a smell, this is why we have extractor fans. Not all of the smells of cooking are wonderful, and you need to think about cleaning, too.

Smells can linger in the short term but also get ingrained within wood or other materials you’ve used in the kitchen, making them smell in the long term, too. Things like cabinets can soak up the smells over time when indoors. Outdoor cabinets aren’t in confined spaces so this is a lot less likely. If you’ve ever looked into kitchen cabinet repair or the cabinet refinishing in Las Vegas cost then you’ll know it’s important to protect your cabinets rather than constantly replace them.

Great place to entertain

Outdoor kitchens in Las Vegas are a perfect place to entertain guests. Cookouts are part of the culture and whatever meal you’re cooking, doing it outside with your guests relaxing nearby is more enjoyable then slaving away in a kitchen indoors.

outdoor kitchens las vegas

Easy to clean

Outdoor kitchens require a lot less maintenance than indoor and can be cleaned down with ease. You don’t need to worry so much about what is getting wet, for instance, so you can spray down outdoor cabinets and not have to worry too much.

You can also be liberal with cleaning materials, as you can use plenty of bleach and other cleaning products knowing it is a ventilated area
. Also, the footfall of the outdoor area is likely to be less. No muddy paws or feet coming through while you’re trying to clean the floor or surfaces.

Save Money on Restaurant Meals

It can be so tempting to eat out or order food in when it is hot. In Las Vegas, it is almost always hot! Nobody wants to spend time in a muggy kitchen. However, with an outdoor kitchen you can enjoy the process of cooking again, saving you money on ordering food from restaurants.

Increases Value of Your Home

Outdoor kitchens in Las Vegas are very desirable and add a lot of extra functionality to your home. When the time comes to sell your home, people might be excited by the installation, and the fact you effectively have an extra outdoor room. This can increase the valuation you get for your home and ultimately the price you receive. Numerous studies have shown how paying close attention to the outdoor aspects of your home can increase the value and sellability of your home.

How to Make the Bathroom of Your Dreams

If you are looking to create a bathroom which truly stands out then it is vital that you find the right design for your home. There are so many techniques you can use and more and more modern methods and design innovations which make your life a whole lot easier. Are you wondering “how should I design my bathroom?” – follow our steps to create a bathroom you’re not just happy to use but that you are truly proud of and delighted with.

Stick to a Neutral Palette

When it comes to bathrooms, neutral color palettes are usually best. Having lighter shades and colors is an especially modern technique and gives a modern verve to your bathroom. There are other bathroom design ideas for using darker colors but these usually give a more classical feel. Even if you do opt for some darker accent colors then there is no reason you can’t keep them neutral.

Another of the benefits of a neutral palette is the fact that it means you can add design features and not constantly have to worry about whether or not they will go. Let’s say you have a piece of artwork or a particular type of shower curtain you wish to install. If you have a neutral palette it is far more likely to go with it.

Bathroom of Your Dreams
Maximize Your Storage

It is all very well having a bathroom that looks great, but if you have no storage space then it might get frustrating. At least some storage for towels and toiletries is pretty essential if you are looking to make you dream bathroom.

There are many clever ways you can include storage in your bathroom, so even smaller bathrooms can have some discreet cabinets to include all of those essentials.

Your storage should be considered carefully when you are thinking about design, too. Don’t just put an ugly cabinet in place for the sake of functionality. Cabinets that haven’t been properly painted and treated to go in a steamy and often humid bathroom can encounter issues, too. If you are redesigning but want to keep your bathroom cabinets, think about cabinet repair and refinishing bathroom cabinets to make sure they can stand the test of time in your new, dream bathroom.

Your Dreams Bathroom
Consider Shower Seating

Shower seating can be very functional. If you suffer from mobility issues then this may even be something which is essential to get the most out of your shower. If you think it is likely that you will need shower seating then there are plenty of options on the market, and these can make your bathroom look even more luxurious rather than functional. If you have a bath and shower combo, some seating can look very suave rather than something that has just been added as some sort of an afterthought.

In general, you should consider any other issues relating to the use of the bathroom and whether there are specific things you need to include to cater for anyone in the home with a disability, for instance. Your dream bathroom is not just about looking great but it needs to be great to use, too.

Use Some Interesting Lighting

Most bathrooms are built for function rather than for expression, so there isn’t a huge amount that you can include that can give an exciting and interesting look in your bathroom. One thing that you can use is interesting lighting. Including lighting that has some cool features can really help the ambiance. We even live in the age of the smart home, so there is no reason you can’t use a lighting setup which can change with your mood. Using things like Philips Hue can let you just tell your lights to turn purple, or any other color, and they will follow suit. This is one way to allow your bathroom to be really flexible.

Think about what types of lights you want. Strip light, sconce lights, even chandeliers are all options if you have enough space. It is simply a case of thinking about what space you have and where the lights should be mounted to have the most effect.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Kitchen

Any kitchen redesign that you undertake in your home should be in place to improve both the looks and functionality. The kitchen is such a central space and you are likely to spend loads of time both cooking and enjoying your spare time there. It is vital that you avoid making silly mistakes with your kitchen renovation. This can easily occur if you base your design purely on looks, are worried about the kitchen remodel cost or simply don’t give it the required thought then you can easily fall into some of these mistakes.

Mistake #1: An Off-Center Doorway

If you are placing your door to the room in the center and have the idea of making this beautiful, symmetrical and even a specific design feature, you need to make sure it is perfectly centered. Measuring up beforehand is absolutely vital and if you have any inkling at all that something is not quite where you planned for it to be then you should get it looked at. Bust out the tape measure and check.

Renovating Your Kitchen
Mistake #2: Bad Fridge Placement

The fridge is always going to be one of the most vital aspects of your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking or just making a coffee, you will want to be able to quickly grab things from the kitchen. If it is poorly placed and inaccessible then this can quickly make you very frustrated. There is no need for this, if you think it through. Your fridge should be easy to just grab a snack from, preferably at head height or chest height, and also easy to take ingredients to any food prep areas. It shouldn’t be in the way, but the fridge should be a focal point.

Mistake #3: Barely There Lights

There are lots of different options for lighting in the kitchen and some are very stylish. Lights above kitchen islands or smaller strip lights are very popular. This is fine, and a little bit of expression with your lights can really bring your kitchen to life, but make sure you have enough lighting! The kitchen needs to be somewhere you can clearly see as well as looking good.

Kitchen Renovating
Mistake #4: Incorrectly fixed cabinets

The cabinets are another of the main components to consider when you are looking to redesign your kitchen. Whether you opt for cabinet repair or refinishing kitchen cabinets in order to make them look new, or you are going for a brand new look with your cabinets, it is important to ensure they’re all properly fitted. As well as the cabinets looking good and being easy enough to open and close, you need to make sure they are not obstructive. Cabinets which are fixed in a way that they will open out and be in the way of your movement, or two cabinets getting in the way of each other, will suddenly make your kitchen look very amateurish.


Mistake #5: Repainting. Twice.

Painting is probably a big part of your kitchen redesign. If you are painting with a lighter shade then it can very quickly start to become noticeable if there are any chips or imperfections in your paint job. A lot of people think it is suitable to just quickly and easily run a paint roller over it, but this won’t do the job in a lot of cases. It is vital that you think about how you are going to paint and whether things like primers are required. If the area is likely to see a lot of water you will need waterproof paint so that it doesn’t instantly come off when it comes into contact.

There isn’t a lot more frustrating than constantly having to repaint. Doing the job properly the first time can make sure your renovation lasts and you don’t have to revisit it in a year or two (or even sooner).


When you are looking to get your home renovated, whether doing the job yourself or working with professionals, it is so important that you make sure you don’t slip into the pitfalls. It is easy to make mistakes that can lead to a waste of time and money. Avoid the errors above and you’ll be a long way towards your perfect kitchen.

Best Bathroom Color Ideas

Color can make a huge difference to pretty much any room in your home, and though the bathroom may not be the top priority when it comes to making a room look welcoming and comfortable, it is worth taking the time to do so. Did you know that the right color schemes can make your bathroom appear larger? Or that certain colors will be relaxing, meaning that if you like to take a bath after a long day then having the right colors can help you to unwind? Let’s have a look at some bathroom color ideas.

Warm & Cold Colors

It may seem strange that our brains can process colors like this, and that we have grown to use the terms warm and cold to describe colors! The general rule of thumb requires looking at a color wheel, there is a cool half with blues and greens, and a warm half with reds, oranges, and yellows. What impact will warm and cold colors have on your bathroom?

Warm colors will normally only look good if you have plenty of space, as they can have a cozying effect and draw in the room to make it feel a little smaller.

Alternatively, colder colors can give a more open feel to a room and give a boost in terms of our perception of space. Also, cold colors have a feeling of cleanliness, this is why they’re often used in hospitals and, you’ve guessed it…bathrooms!

There is no right and wrong. The key is to know what the color schemes can do for a specific space and then use this in order to match up a color scheme which will work for your room.

Bathroom Blues

Blue is the color we often associate with bathrooms. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use blue, but it can be a good starting point and is often the color you would expect to use at some point within your bathroom. Blue makes us think of water and nature as well as cleanliness. There is a reason we see blues used so often in bathrooms and usually lighter blues with ocean hues.

bathroom color blue

How to Combine?

Combining colors can be one of the toughest things to do when you are decorating, whether this is the bathroom or otherwise. One color will be boring, and sterile white bathrooms can look flat and uninteresting, so it is important to come up with some sort of color scheme, even if a couple of colors are only used for a small amount of accent. For instance, a couple of rows of tiles or for your bathroom cabinets.

There is a lot of theory that goes into choosing colors. You can use a color wheel to work out which colors will go together. The colors should have similar hues, and those which are either opposite each other on the wheel, or close together on the wheel, will usually go together. Rules are there to be broken, and you should choose colors which reflect your personality, too. There’s no reason to be too boring.

The size and style of your bathroom matters

If you are working with a smaller space, one way to make it appear larger or to have a lot more space is to use lighter colors to decorate. Colors like an antique white can be one of the top ways to create the illusion of a bigger room. Bright accent colors could be another way to add some interest and an illusion of more space in the room.

Larger spaces can be a space for different colors, and darker color schemes will look better if you have more space. Richer, dark wood colors combined with purples and burgundies can be used if you have a bit more space. Interesting patterns made in tiling and feature walls with wallpaper or a different design to the other walls can make your bathroom look more welcoming and have more interesting talking points.


There are plenty of ideas that you can use as starting points, browsing some photos for inspiration is a good place to start, and knowing your color wheel will help! You should choose something that suits your home and your own personality when deciding upon a bathroom color scheme.

Best Materials for Cabinet Making

Most cabinet makers are in agreement that the most important decision to make about design is what materials to use. Even if the craftsmanship and design are wonderful, if you’ve picked a wood or other material that doesn’t work for space it is going to be used in then the cabinet will be nowhere near as high quality as it could have been. Different materials work for different environments, and naturally, they have a huge impact on the price. High quality, solid materials are often more expensive. In this article, we’ve explored some of the best materials used for cabinet making.


MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. This is made out of recycled fibers from other woods and is milled in a high-pressure environment to create denser, heavier materials to make things out of! It is relatively affordable but also doesn’t really peel or crack easily, this is why it has become very popular for use with flat pack furniture. It is also smooth and easy to paint over with colors you desire.


Plywood material is also low cost but it is good at resisting moisture, this means that it is often more popular for use in bathrooms, for instance. You can coat the plywood with laminates or other types of veneer which can also help to stop water from having a negative effect on the wood.

Stainless Steel

When most of us think of a cabinet we think of some sort of wooden finish, however, it isn’t always the case. Steel can be used, and this is especially popular if you are making cabinets to be used in industrial kitchens which are designed to last a long time. Steel may not be as aesthetically pleasing in a home but if you are looking for something incredibly robust and hard-wearing then it might be that you opt for stainless steel.


This is far from being a traditional material used for cabinet making. This material is made out of wood chips and other particles which are effectively glued together. It isn’t overly firm as it is held together purely by adhesive. However, particleboard is affordable and can be used in the right circumstances to good effect.

Hardwood Veneers

Wood veneer is a hardwood, it is peeled from a wooden log and then glued to other materials such as MDF and particleboards to create a finish. This isn’t what you would make a whole cabinet out of, but it is lightweight, inexpensive and creates a hardwood finish where there wouldn’t otherwise be one.

cabinet materials

Best for Kitchen

The best materials for use in the kitchen need to be able to deal with hot temperatures and also be hard-wearing, especially if they’re in a kitchen which will see a lot of use. In a commercial setting, it could be worth using stainless steel. For the home, MDF materials can be fine to use MDF or other types of composite materials. A veneer or coating will definitely be advisable as this can stop any water or anything else that splatters from becoming difficult to clean, the veneer will be wipeable.

Best for Bathroom

Plywood is the material we advise if you are going to use wooden materials for cabinets in your bathroom, it is resistant to water and also has the option to be used with coatings and veneers. These can help you to create a cabinet which copes not only with water getting on it by splashing, but also humidity won’t degrade the wood.



There is an element of personal preference here, and you should also think about the way your kitchen and bathroom is used, and how likely it is that your cabinet will be exposed to water or other conditions that can damage it. Though you may think of cabinets as being made out of wood, they are often made of woods that are composites of other materials, especially if buying flat-pack or affordable home furniture. Cabinets made out of hardwoods are usually reserved for rooms where heat and water won’t play such a big part, so MDF and other composite woods are advised for both your bathroom and your kitchen.

Refinishing Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Step #1: Apply the first coat of paint

Before you can refinish the bathroom cabinets, you need to remove all the doors and sand them down to make sure all traces of the previous sheen are gone. Sanding off any varnish ensures that the paint will adhere better to the wood. Ideally, you want to use a sponge sanding block with two different grits; medium on one side and fine on the other. The medium grit is used first, and the finer grit adds the final smooth finish. Be sure to wipe or vacuum away any sanding residue, to make sure it does not get stuck under the paint.

As soon as all varnish is removed and the surface feels smooth to touch, you can apply the first coat of paint. Use painter’s tape to protect any surfaces that you do not want color on. There is no need to use primer, but you can if you like. Paint both the interior and exterior surfaces of the bathroom cabinet. Paint the exterior doors first, and then you can prop the cabinet against a pedestal to allow it to dry. Replace them back in the cabinet and paint the interior.

Las Vegas bathroom cabinets

Step #2: Apply a second coat of paint

Re-sand all the surfaces again to remove and bumps that may appear from painting. Use the fine grit side of the sanding sponge. You can then apply a second coat of paint, ideally a semi-gloss latex paint in the color of your choice. Be sure to do the exterior and interior surfaces. Often once the paint dries, the fresh new look of the bathroom cabinets draws your eye to the old hardware. This now looks out of place against the sleek new finish. Flat paints hide uneven surfaces better, so if you are using a high gloss paint, you may want to spend a little extra time sanding. The gloss is infamous for pointing out every small bump.

Step #3: Install new hardware

Make sure that the new handle pulls you get require the same holes as the original ones. If you end up with hardware lacking two holes for attachment but only have one hole, then you will need to start drilling. This can be tricky because you need to make sure to line the second hole up precisely. If you put a hole in the wrong place, you have to patch it up, re-sand and re-paint. So take your time and get the hole placement right the first time around.

How To Redo Bathroom Cabinets For Cheap

Paint the Vanity in the Bathroom

Do not throw out a sturdy vanity when all it needs is a little bit of updating. Painting the vanity can give it a new look, and it is easy to do.

How to Paint the Bathroom Vanity

These instructions can help you if you are refinishing an existing vanity of painting a rough one that is just bare wood. You will have to take off the doors and other hardware so it would be a good time to update the knobs and pulls as well. If you are looking to do a complete makeover, you can also replace the sink, faucets, and the backsplash.

Redo Bathroom Cabinets For Cheap

Prep the Vanity

  • Step 1
    Remove the cabinets, doors, drawer, and any other hardware that is one the unit. If you are looking to replace the top of it and the sink now should be a good time to take them out as well.
    Take off the drawer fronts if possible as well.
  • Step 2
    Use a trisodium phosphate and a sponge to wash the vanity. If there is residue left behind from rubber cabinet bumpers use mineral spirits to remove it. After this wash this area with the TSP.
  • Step 3
    If the wood surface is cover with a bright finish use sandpaper with a 220 grit to remove the gloss. Check the inside corners to remove any molding.
  • Step 4
    If the surface of the vanity has been painted before removing any paint that is damaged.Using sandpaper feather the edges and put a latex primer on any bare spots.
  • Step 5
    If the surface is covered with melamine or thermofoil see if there is a plastic film that is secured underneath. A heat gun can be used to remove this film. Once the film is removed use mineral spirits to wipe any residue off.
    If the film is bonded to the vanity, use the 220 grit sandpaper to sand the surface until it is dull.
  • Step 6
    Vacuum any sanding dust off the surface and wipe it down with a clean and damp rag.
  • Step 7
    Use painter’s tape to make off the undersides of the top, the walls, the floor, and the inside part of the cabinet frame.

Priming the Surface to Paint

  • Step 1
    A separate primer should be used on the surface of the vanity.
    When working with bare wood that has been sanding apply primer and then sands it smooth.
    If there are dings or damages to the surface use putty to patch them up, sand them, then apply the primer
  • Step 2
    If the surface is thermofoil or melamine adds a shellac based primer.
    Two coats may be needed.
  • Step 3
    After applying the first coat of the primer and the area and wipe it clean.
    The second coat of primer may be needed. After applying this coating allow it to dry overnight.

Painting the Vanity

  • Step 1
    Brush on a coat of paint and allow it to dry.
    Once this coat is dry, an additional layer or two may be needed.
    Remove the painter’s tape, apply the third coat of paint, and allow it to dry overnight. Once the vanity is dry, it can be reassembled.
  • Step 2
    Drill the holes needed for the doors or the drawers and the new hardware.
    Screw in the drawers and the door handles.
  • Step 3
    Add the door hinges and the door to the frame of the cabinet.
    When using two facing doors adjust the position on the hinges until they are even.
  • Step 4
    Reattach the drawer fronts, making sure they are easy to open.
  • Step 5
    A fresh coat of paint will give the vanity a new look and costs less than replacing it.